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Katy ISD Education Foundation

Katy ISD Education Foundation

Katy ISD ​​Legacy Investors

Employee Payroll Deduction for Katy ISD Staff

As an employee of Katy ISD, you hold the key to the success of the district. When you join the Education Foundation as a Legacy Investor through Payroll Deduction, you will directly support continually making Katy ISD classrooms extraordinary. 

The Legacy Investors group is exclusive to Katy ISD teachers and staff and an important part of the Education Foundation Investor Family. For as little as $5 per pay-period, you will be recognized as an equal partner in guaranteeing financial support to the Education Foundation’s active investment in Katy ISD classrooms. Legacy Investors are part of a crowd-funding opportunity where the number of givers is more important than the amount of any individual gift. Participation is completely optional and individual giving amounts will remain confidential.

This program can be joined and cancelled at any time during the year through MyKaty in as little as 5 minutes. Donations of any amount are deeply appreciated and will be administered by Katy ISD. With your monthly support, the Education Foundation can continually empower teachers to make a difference to thousands of students across the district.

Enroll in the Katy ISD Employee Payroll Deduction Program here.


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Current Katy ISD Legacy Investors
(As of 6/4​/2019)

John Alawneh

Elise Allen

Alicia Anderson

Caroline Anderson

Stephen Bennett

Audrey Bivens

Jami Bookout

Sharri Butterfield

Lori Cabrera

Dawn Carlson-Scruggs

Lance Carter

Christine Caskey

Marla Chavez

Joseph Christoffersen

Sarah Clark

Michael Clifton

Denise Cloyes

Gwendolyn Coffey

Ray Cortez

Ron Counter

Julie Covington

Nakia Coy

Emily Craig

Freda Creech

Lee Crews

Deborah Decker

Ashlea Demoss

Heather Devries

Susan Edelman

Ronnie Edwards

Kerri Finnesand

Penelope Flores

Karen Gebauer

Cheryl Glasser

Kenneth Gregorski

Andrea Grooms

Kristin Harper

Lori Harrison

Catherine Harter

Nancy Hess

Neta Hill

Julie Hinson

Bonnie Holland

Rita Hruzek

Deborah Hubble

Owen Hurt

Jamey Hynds

Paulette Ingram

Leslyn Jacks

Aurea Jensen

Leeanne Kosel

Kimberly Lawson

Jacob Leblanc

Elizabeth Loocke

Angela Loverde

Carrie Lowery

Euberta Lucas

Michelle Luster

Amy Maddox

Cheryl Mallant

Doreen Martinez

Allison Matney

Ralph Mccord

Darlene Mcelwain

Caroline Mclelland

Laurie Mitchell

Dana Moon

Jennifer Morgan

Pouya Moussavi-Zadeh

Phuong Nguyen

Julia Noeldner

Victoria Nunez

Lindsay Oleary

Donna Pittenger

Darla Pollard

Marlene Portier

Martha Pulido

Rebeca Ramirez

William Rhodes

Elaine Robertson

Steven Robertson

Malynn Rodriguez

Jason Roper

Bryan Rounds

Mona Salinas

Melissa Salyer

Jerri Sedelmeier

Heidi Shepard

Chad Simmons

Christopher Smith

Kari Snyder

Jeffrey Stocks

Melinda Stone

Tracy Stroud

Erin Sweeney-Cullen

Andrea Taylor

Janet Theis

Mark Tiedt

Hilda Vargas

Cameron Veitch

Richard Villatoro

Rhonda Ward

Vonda Washington

Laura Weathers

Becki Weems

Kerry Wegmann

Lisa Wells

Tammi Wilhelm

Brenda Williams

Sue Wilson

William Wood

Qiana Wyche


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6301 South Stadium Lane
Katy, TX  77494
Contact: Janet Theis​

Katy ISD Education Foundation

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The Katy ISD Education Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted.